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The RAR method is used to treat the prolapsing haemorrhoids which occur during more advancedstages of the disease. RAR willinvolve one or more mucopexies of prolapsing mucosa, carried out afterthe haemorrhoidal arteries have been ligated.


The treatment is required when the alarming situation comes. Such as

  • Severe internal, or external, hemorrhoids that doesn’t respond to other treatments
  • When it is grown too large may require surgical removal


1. The surgery process is divided into 4 stages:
2. The proctologist carefully inserts transparent anoscope with Doppler guided probe in the rectal lumen. It transforms pulsation of hemorrhoidal artery into sound signal, after which it manages to find a place for ligation.
3. The proctologist ligates arteries in turns, cutting off blood supply to hemorrhoids.
4. Then the doctor performs mucopexy, or the suture ligation of internal hemorrhoids. The suture lifts and returns the hemorrhoid in its actual position.
5. After that the blood flow decreases, and the hemorrhoids start desiccating. In 1 or 2 weeks after the operation, the hemorrhoids are fully rejected and excreted.

Benefits the patient has at Laser piles India:

1. This method not just reduces discomfort and physical manifestation of the hemorrhoid disease, but also blocks the prime cause for this disease – inflammation of hemorrhoidal arteries.
2. The guarantee of positive and stable result in one day.
3. Minimum time of the procedure (20-30 minutes), safeness, painlessness, absence of strong discomfort during its performance.
4. Blocking of inflammation and enlargement of hemorrhoids helps to relieve pain and discomfort quickly.
5. Absence of pain syndrome after the operation.
6. Full recovery in just 1-3 days after the procedure
7. At our hospital we provide latest technology which is advanced at international standards.
8. The procedures are mostly cost effective.
9. Permanent painless treatment.
10. Fast recovery compared to old technology.

We at Laser Piles India provide you different procedures which allow you to choose the treatment that suits the best.

The procedures are:

1. IRC-GRADE 1 & 2 PILES (A SMALL 2O MTS Procedure is done)
2. Grade 2 & 3 Non Bleeding Piles we do local, HAL (Bladeless surgery is done)
3. Grade 3 & 4 Hal & RAR procedure (Bladeless surgery is done)
4. Grade 3 & 4 Laser Treatment – Tabrix Radial Fiber Regular 600R, Will be used for a sclerosis of blood vessels done
5. 5th Grade Advanced Situation

Prevention tips:

1. Avoid taking too long in the bathroom.
2. Keep the anal area clean.
3. Stay hydrated
4. Add more fibre to your diet
5. Exercise regularly
6. Don’t fight the urge

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