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A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a simple operation during which the sphincter is cut or stretched. The sphincter is the circular group of muscles surrounding the anus which are responsible for controlling bowel movements.

Who would need sphincterotomy?

This treatment is required for the people who suffer from anal fissures. Anal fissures are crack or tears in the skin of the anal canal. A sphincterotomy is used as the last option for this condition and people who suffer with anal fissures are usually encouraged to try a high-fiber diet, stool softeners, etc., if symptoms are severe or don’t respond to these treatments, a sphincterotomy may be done.


Doctor will make a small cut on the skin near your back passage. The doctor will cut the lower part of the internal sphincter muscle. This would relieve the spasm in the sphincter, allowing a better blood supply to heal the fissure.The operation is usually performed under a generalanaesthetic and takes about 20- 30 minutes. The advance laser technology used at Laser Piles India helps the patient a painless surgery and can go home the same day.

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What are the Recent Advances in the Procedure?

A new advancement in this procedure is known as the Advancement Flaps, where the fissures are replaced with healthy tissues to avoid incontinence. However, it must be noted that the Anal Sphincterotomy is a widely used surgical technique, having a very high success rate.

The Cost of performing the Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgical procedure depends on a variety of factors. The treatment is done for affordable prices by specialized expert surgeons. It is a painless and bloodless surgery.


  • A few common side effects of this procedure are difficulty in controlling flatulence and minor fecal incontinence
  • Persistent minor fecal incontinence appears in less than 4% of the cases
  • Bleeding is a complication, which occurs very rarely and might require suture ligation.
  • Perianal abscess is the least common and appears in 1% of the situations, requiring incision and drainage of the abscess.


It will normally take about 60 days to heal fully. But most of them are able to go to work after 1-2 weeks of surgery. A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a very simple and widely performed procedure and is highly effective in the treatment of anal fissures. It’s not usual for there to be any side effects following the surgery, but they do may occur in an extremely rare occasion.

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